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Make sure you’re getting the most out of Reinsurance Careers by using our site walk-through for job seekers and employers. This page will detail what you can do throughout the site, once you’ve created a free account. If you don’t want to create a free account with Reinsurance careers, you can still apply for vacancies through the site.

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Buying job packs

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The Homepage

The Reinsurance Careers homepage makes searching for jobs extremely simple. You can submit a specific search for jobs via a descriptive word and/or a location, or you can select the search button leaving the fields empty, to search for all jobs.

Below the search bar is a list of all the featured job vacancies currently being advertised, featured jobs are also highlighted within the general list.

Further down again is where all the latest jobs are listed, in order of the date they were posted. You can filter this list for full-time, part-time or temporary jobs. Following the latest and featured jobs lists you will find a list of sponsored jobs – these are jobs advertised on Reinsurance Careers via a third party, such as indeed.

On the right hand side of the homepage you can define your search even more. This function enables you to search for vacancies via job types; salary brackets, job categories and the date jobs were posted. Above the job search tools is a link to the ‘my dashboard’ area of the site, where you can update all aspects of your job seeker/employer profile. For more details on the dashboard function of Reinsurance Careers, please see below.

The right hand side of the homepage is also where links to buy job packs and information on advertising on the site are situated, these can be found below the job search tools.

The top right corner of the header, on all pages, is where you can log out of your account and there is also another ‘dashboard’ link here. Across the header you will also find links to the terms and conditions, advertising, blog, about us, and contact information for Reinsurance Careers.

At the very bottom of the page are links to copyright information, disclaimer and privacy & cookies information.

Inside job packs, standard & featured

In order to advertise your vacancies on Reinsurance.Careers you will need to purchase a job pack. You can buy a standard single job pack, a featured single job pack, a 3 standard job pack, 3 featured jobs pack, a 10 standard job pack, 10 featured jobs pack and a 20 standard job pack or a 20 featured jobs pack.

Standard job pack – A standard job pack consists of the amount of job listings available in the selected pack with no extra features. If you wish to add extra features to a standard pack you can do this, it will cost $100 for all add-ons for one job, (featured homepage and category feature) or $50 for either a homepage feature listing or a category feature listing. You can select to add-on extras once you’ve purchased the pack. It’s important to remember that if you purchase a standard 10 jobs pack and wish to add all extra features for all 10 listings within the pack, it will cost $100 per job – so $1,000 for all 10. Remember that big savings can be made through purchasing featured job packs.

Featured job packs – A featured job pack comes with two additional options, homepage and featured listing and featured category listing. Each featured job pack comes with the same amount of feature add-ons as job listings, so a 5 featured jobs pack will come with 5 homepage feature extras and 5 category feature extras. Once you have purchased a pack and come to selecting which pack to use for your latest listing, you can choose which add-ons to use with that job listing. You MUST still select the FREE feature add-ons when purchasing a featured pack or adding a job.

A homepage featured job will go under the feature heading on the homepage, above all the standard job listings, it will also be highlighted so that it stands out more. A category featured job will NOT appear on the homepage featured list (unless it has both add-ons applied), instead it will be highlighted and placed at the top of that category’s list.

Employers Guide

Once you’ve created a free Employer account with Reinsurance Careers you will be able to access the ‘My Dashboard’ tab, situated in the top right hand corner of the header.

This section allows you to view all your live, pending and ended jobs so you can easily manage them all in one place. The dashboard also provides you with information on your resume subscriptions and current live/pending job packs.  Should you require ordering further job packs or resuming subscriptions, this is also available through each of the relevant tabs.

Site dashboard

This is what the employers dashboard looks like, use this to view all your current live, pending and ended jobs. Below are details of each individual section.

Inside the employer dashboard 

Live Jobs – In the section you can view all your live job postings with details of when the listing commenced, how many days remain and how many views each job has received. There is also an option to re-edit or end the job listing.

Pending Jobs – In this section you can view the pending status of each new job advert. Once an administrator has approved the job information it will automatically be added to the live listings.

Ended Jobs – This section allows you to see all ended jobs with an option to reinstate them. This includes expired and self-ended listings.

Job Packs – This tab is where you can purchase individual or bolster job packs. If you have already purchased a job pack(s) then it will show you which packs you have and the particulars of each pack, including the amount and type of listings you have available to use.

Subscriptions – The subscription tab is where you can view any resume search subscription packages you’ve purchased. Should you require buying one a link is provided within the tab.

Orders – In this section you can see all the job packs, job listings and resume subscriptions you have purchased and the order status of these.

Submitting a job

Posting a job vacancy with Reinsurance Careers is very straightforward and the link to do this is situated in the top right hand corner of the header, no matter which page you are on.  There is also a link on the dashboard, profile and homepage, this is a larger link and also provides pricing. If you haven’t purchased any job packs the link will redirect you to the buy now page.

Submit Job screen 1

This is what submitting a job will look like, please enter job details here, including details about your company, how to apply and other relevant information.

Steps to submit a job

Enter Job details – This is where all the relevant job information is input, including job details, specification and information on how to apply. Please see the above image.

Preview – Here you can see exactly what your advert will look like to potential employees and fellow employers. Should you wish to change anything from here you can go back to the previous page and edit the job advert.

Submit Job screen 2

This is a preview of what your job advertisement will look like to others. You can choose ‘go back’ to continue editing your vacancy.

Select Plan – This is where you are able to choose exactly how your vacancy is listed. You will be shown all the different job packs you have purchased and will be prompted to select which type of advert you would like this particular job to be. You can also select any add-ons like Homepage feature options.  Should you require to buy any job packs you can also do this from here.

Submit Job screen three

This where you choose which job pack you would like to advertise the relevant job under. You can also buy packs from here.

Pay/Thank you – Here you will be provided with a summary of your order and the costs/details of that particular job listing.

Once you click continue you will be navigated to the actual listing of that job, this is what others see when looking at your vacancy.  Your job has now been successfully listed on the site and you can sit back and wait for the applications. Below is an image of what the PayPal page looks like.

Pay Pal Screen

This is what the PayPal payment page looks like, you can log in to your PayPal account at the top of the page, else enter your details as instructed.

My Employer Profile

From inside the ‘my dashboard’ page you can select to view your personal profile, on the right hand side of the page about midway down. In this section you can view the company profile you set up when creating your account, it will also list all your live job vacancies.

Buying Job Packs

Purchasing job packs to enable job posting is very easy on Reinsurance Careers.  You can either select to buy packs from within the dashboard (as mentioned above) or by selecting the buy pack tab from the home page – this is on the right hand side about half way down the page. Once inside this section you’re only a few clicks away from being able to list your jobs.

Buying a Pack screen one

This is what buying a pack looks like, simply choose which pack bundle you require and click ‘next’

Inside Buy a Pack

Select a plan – This is where you choose the exact package you want, there are several different job packages available and add-ons available with the feature packs and job pack bundles.

Pay/Thank you – After choosing your desired job pack you are taken to a payment summary page, payment can only be made via PayPal.  You will be able to see a summary of the amount to be paid and once you’ve clicked pay; you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page. You can log in and pay if you already have a Pay Pal account or, enter your details to pay via debit/credit card.

Guide for Job Seekers

Reinsurance Careers is designed to make searching and applying for jobs simple.  Once you create a free account with Reinsurance Careers you can instantly begin searching and applying for jobs. However, Reinsurance Careers has far more to offer to maximize your chances of finding your next role. When your account is set up you will be able to access the ‘dashboard’ page, situated in the top right corner of the header.

Jobseeker Dashboard one

This is what the job seeker dashboard looks like, use this as a base to view all your job searches.

Inside the job seeker dashboard

Dashboard – This tab shows you which job(s) you have starred/favourited so you can view them laterallin one place.  The dashboard tab also shows all recently viewed jobs and job recommendations based on any preferences you’ve set.

Resumes – This section is vital in maximising your job search potential, it’s where you can add numerous resumes to your profile and should be used as a means of selling yourself to potential employers. If you are yet to add any resumes, this is where you do it, by clicking on the add resume icon. Once you have added a resume(s) it will show up under the resume tab within the dashboard.  Remember to publish your resume once it’s completed so that it’s visible to potential employers. From here you can also edit, publish, hide or delete any of your resumes.

Resume screen one

This is what your resume section will look like, a list of all your current resumes and an option to add more can be found here.

Resume screen two

This is where you enter all your resume details, remember to be thorough as this is where you sell yourself to employers.

Job Alerts – In this section you can set up email job alerts, these will be sent regularly through the week to the email you provided when creating your account. It enables you to select the type of work, location and job category for your alert. You can also choose to unsubscribe from email job alerts here.

Job Alerts screen

This is what setting up job alerts looks like, you can choose varied job preferences and set the email account you wish them to be sent to.

Preferences – This is where you can control the job recommendations on your dashboard, as stated above. It also enables you to control what others can publicly see of your resume and current/prospectus career.  

Job Alert Preferences

This is where you define the search criteria for your email job alerts free subscription and your dashboard.

My Profile

From within your job seeker dashboard you can access the ‘My Profile’ page, situated on the right hand side about half way down. Here you can view all the resumes you’ve set up and you’re able to go in an edit them should you need to. This page also has your username, description and links to various social media platforms – all of this information is from when you created your account. You can also edit your profile from here.

Job Seeker profile

This is what your profile looks like, please feel free to add a photo and links to your social media, blog and websites.

Applying for a job

When you find a job you wish to apply for please click on the apply online button, below the job description, this will open a box like this –

Apply for Job screen

This is where you apply for a job, please upload a copy of your resume or link to a resume you already have on the site, remember to include a covering letter if one is required.

Once you’ve filled in the required information you can either upload a resume from your computer or, link to a resume you have saved within your Reinsurance Careers account. When you’ve done all of this and click apply, an email will be sent to the employer notifying them of your application, you will also receive a copy of this email for your own reference.

Other Useful Information

Advertising and contact information

For details on how you can advertise with Reinsurance Careers, and ensure you reach the people who matter within the industry, please see our advertise page.

For all other enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.